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According to the most recent statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 25,100 chimney fires are responsible for 30 deaths and $126.1 million in property damage on average each year.
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The National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America both recommend that homeowners call a qualified professional for an annual chimney inspection. Only a qualified professional will be able to identify and resolve structural and maintenance issues before potential carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fire hazards risk your time, health or money.

Chimney Sweep Testimonial- We purchased an older home in Littleton and needed the services of a professional chimney sweep after discovering a real build up of creosote inside the chimney.  Because my wife and kids love to use the fireplace I called Dean at Chimney Sweeps Of America and he got to my house the same day and took care of everything. - M. Petruccione, Littleton Co

Chimney Repair Testimonial – “We have lived in our home for 37 years and needed a new chimney cap. On the recommendation of a neighbor we called your company. A young man named Jon showed up, did the work, quickly, professionally and at a fair price.” – H. Caspar, Arvada, CO

Animal RemovalTestimonial - “For years I have had several flocks of birds living in the attic. Figured I was destined to continue to have the attic be a very expensive bird house. I contacted Chimney Sweeps of America and they responded immediately. Indeed, there were several nests and various entry points into the attic from the roof. Much to my delight, they could do something, and do it quickly. Chimney Sweeps of America exceeded my expectations and completed the job in a professional and timely manner meeting their estimates and timelines. Thank you Chimney Sweeps of America!” – M. Garrity, Highlands Ranch, CO

Gutter Cleaning Testimonial - I didn't call Chimney Sweeps for a gutter problem but when the guys arrived to clean my chimney they noticed that I was getting water damage in a sofit area on the second story of my house and they took care of the problem.  Thanks for the prompt, professional service, see you next year.

Animal RemovalTestimonial -  We had a family of raccoons that decided to make our garage attic their new home.  They were hostile little buggers probably due to the new babies but Jon captured them without harming the mother or the babies much to the relief of my 8 year old daughter.  Thanks for the great service Jon, I'll call you about the chimney in the Spring.  Lucy J. Golden.

Chimney Sweep Testimonial - I had made the unfortunate decision to hire a chimney sweep based on price two years ago and they ended up damaging my chimney cap.  I'm glad I went with a experienced professional this time.  I thought I was saving money but it ended up costing me double because the previous company wasn't very good at all.  From now on I'm sticking with the pros!  see you next year.  Steven Gaubke, Highlands Ranch.

Chimney Cap Repair
Dear Dean
I mentioned testimonials to you upon completion of your work on my chimney. The short version is that your work was outstanding, completed in a timely manner, with your awareness of my wife’s and my concern for the safety of ourselves and our home. Outstanding indeed!

This spring I also decided to replace the old gutters and contacted a gutter company to come out for an estimate. While the estimator was measuring the gutters I inquired if his company did chimney cap replacement work. They did and I got a separate estimate for replacing the cap as well as the gutters. I wanted at least a couple estimates and called another company to come out and give me an estimate on replacing the gutters. This company didn’t work on chimneys.

The reason for such a long preamble is to show the importance of the outcome. The repair to the chimney and a safe fireplace. Where do I find a chimney guy? Dex!  My wife is not happy with that choice but I have researched the company with BBB and find they are good. The company I selected was Chimney Sweeps of America. The very personable and professional owner by the name of Dean comes right out and on time for the appointment! Step one of my check list is now checked ok. Next Dean props a ladder on the house and carrying a six foot step ladder on his shoulder and climbs up the ladder. His son, named Dean, goes up with him. Dean props the small ladder against my chimney and hops up on top. He announces that the cap is rusted out and needs replacing. I am ready for that but the next bit is different. He tells me he wants to climb down inside the chimney as he sees something at the bottom of the chimney by the fire break. I haven't a clue what a fire break is but from the name it sounds like something that slows down a fire in the chimney. I am right for the first time in a long time. After a few minutes Dean re-appears with a big cardboard box, about two and a half feet tall. Young Dean grabs it and then Dean appears. He tells me in his twenty eight years of working on chimneys that he has never seen anything like this. Note the rusted cap and the big cardboard box that was resting at the base of my chimney!

In the box are several parts that were not installed when the gas insert was installed! The box also contained instructions on how to install these parts! The fire break is a wooden support of 2X4's and a thick piece of plaster board which should slow down a chimney fire for at least one hour. Hopefully this gives time for the fire department to get to your house and save the rest of it from the fire. The fire break is located down in the chimney. Without all the parts installed properly rain and snow did leak in and drain down on the fire break. The water ruined the fire brake and rendered it useless.

The cardboard box was resting against the smoke stack or whatever you call it, and if the heat sensor hadn't shut off the fireplace it would ignite the cardboard box. We could have had a disaster on our hands. First time I ever heard my wife use the "sue" word. According to Dean the construction code specifies a space between the stack and any combustible material such as cardboard box or wood. This isn't the end of the story.

The jerks left the box in the chimney had cut off the top of the exhaust stack level with the cap. This is also against code. The stack needs to be above the cap three or four inches. Mine was level. Just my luck that model of stack isn’t made any more. The best solution suggested by Dean is to cut off 4 inches of the chimney which will allow the stack to stick out of the cap the correct distance.

Next the new fire break is installed, expensive. Each time they crawl down into my chimney I see the dollars floating off across the landscape. I have faith as they know what has to be done to make it safe. Dean takes the time to tell me exactly what they are doing and why. Parts have to be ordered from out of state. This causes delay of a couple days but in the meantime they installed the new fire break and tarp wrap my chimney. Snow and rain are predicted and could get in while the top is open. Takes a full day to cut off the top of the chimney and install a 2X4 support system for the cap. Once this support is built they place a piece of plywood on top of the support framework and nail it in place. Tarp wrap for the night and next day the new part arrives. Dean shows up to install the last remaining parts. He will come back in a few days and light the pilot light and turn on the fireplace for the final safety check of the fireplace. When Dean climbed down in the fire place the first time and found all the serious problems with our fireplace I thank God that I found him, a man of his word, an expert in his profession and above all very concerned for the welfare of his clients.

The price wasn’t cheap but good experienced work performed by experts makes the cost exactly what it was, reasonable. I was just so thankful we are still alive! Can’t believe that the city code compliance inspectors failed to find this shoddy work and get it corrected. I watched the gas fire place installer and I didn't take my eyes off him while he did the work, but he found time to toss the box down in the chimney or accidentally drop it down the chimney. Makes little or no difference it was wrong. The reason the exhaust stack over heated and the heat sensor shut off the fire place was the parts intend for the top of the stack, and not installed, stopped the ventilation or movement of air between the outer and inner sleeve.

This is one another reason why our LUCK, Karma or whatever saved us. So many things wrong or could go wrong but didn't

And a huge thanks to Dean and his people.

Bird Removal
I am writing to say that we are completely happy with the service you provided in getting rid of our bird problem. Not only that you were nice enough to give us a web search discount and a senior discount AND concerned yourself with our open garage door that was left open by our SENIOR.  Thanks for being such a great reliable company.  Sometimes us consumers really get lucky!!  Dean rocks!

Billy M. Superior

Chimney Repair & Construction
I wish to express my admiration for a difficult job done well by your company. Your team of Jon Geypens, Jeremy Roberts, and Chris Suergens undertook a very difficult retrofitting of a stand-alone stone fireplace in the great room of my log home. The crew had to chisel out seven feet of concrete tiles up through the stack of the fireplace in order to install a new liner. At times, the crew was standing in a narrow space drilling upwards with debris falling on them. It took a day and a-half for the crew to do a job that was originally estimated to take less than a day due to encountering much unexpected tile and the narrow space in which they had to work. But through it all, the gentlemen acted as true professionals. In fact, it was a pleasure to have them in my home. They took special care with our wood floors, and kept debris and dust from getting in the home. They kept me informed of what was happening. The work was completed as promised.

You have gained a customer for life. I especially  thank Jon for having suggested the modification to avoid a potential hazard. Previous companies, including the one that put in a partial liner never mentioned safety concerns. Your company stands apart. You care and you do great work at an affordable price. I'll be glad to recommend you to potential customers.  Thank you for a job well done.

Christopher R.  Franktown, Colorado
Certified Chimney Sweep Denver Colorado
National Chimney Sweep Guild Member
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